Tailored Office Friendly Exercises with a Personal Trainer

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$32 per person

5 - 10 Group Size

60 mins avg. time spent.


Do you have back pain? Knee pain? Stiffness from sitting too long or staring at a computer all day? A personal trainer will work with you and recommend work friendly exercises to target any issues you may have. Be it posture correction, carpal tunnel, a desire to be more active at work - the trainer will not only suggest exercises suited to your needs but will also work with you to make sure you are doing them correctly.  Everybody, from seasoned athletes to total rookies, can benefit from personal training!


  • Learn how to stay mobile and active at work
  • Perform your work-friendly exercise routine with co-workers to build relationships and to hold yourself accountable
  • Feel your body changing as you become more active and relieve injuries such as back pain and stiffness.

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