Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Yoga

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$52 per person

3 - 20 Group Size

1h 15 Minutes avg. time spent.


For the more adventurous team, try out stand up paddling (SUP) yoga. Practice introductory yoga on the calm, gentle water using a paddleboard as your mat.  Feel re-energized and rejuvenated as you let yourself get close to nature. This is an introductory class and requires no experience in yoga or paddle boarding. All members must know how to swim. Exercise your concentration and improve your balance as you challenge yourself to stay on the board and practice yoga while the minor shifts of the water jostle your board.


  • All ages and skill levels are welcome! All team members must know how to swim
  • Make your yoga practice more fun with this added exciting challenge
  • Look like a pro as you master yoga poses on the water
  • Achieve peace and learn how to maintain your balance on the board
  • Get a more exciting and challenging workout while bonding with team members

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