Stand Up Paddleboarding

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$68 per person

3 - 25 Group Size

1.5 hours avg. time spent.


Stand Up Paddleboarding involves large ‘surfboards’ that you stand on and drift along the sea. Unlike surfing, stand up paddleboarding does not require waves. It is kind of like kayaking, but you are standing up and it’s on a large ‘surfboard’ or paddleboard. This fun water activity is great from team bonding and is sure to be full of laughs as each member struggles to find their balance. The instructors will first go over basics of how to get onto the board, remain standing up, and what to do if you fall off before you start


  • This is an introductory lesson, all ages and skill levels are welcome!
  • Learn how to paddle correctly, the best stance to use and improve your balance
  • Get in a core workout as you paddle across the calm waters

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