Murder Mystery Dinner

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$28 per person

3 Group Size

3 hours avg. time spent.


Enjoy a delicious sit-down 4-course gourmet dinner with an entertaining whodunit show that takes place in between courses. The show is an interactive, comedic murder mystery set in present day. Performers will be dressed like everybody else, so you may be sitting next to the murderer!  Throughout the dinner, performers will uncover clues and reveal key information to help the audience guess the murderer. Banquet tables have 10 seats each, if your party is larger than 10 - please let us know beforehand so that we can organize seating accordingly.


  • A delicious four-course meal where guests can choose their entrees
  • This improvised performance has been voted ‘Best Dinner Show’ for 4 times
  • Opt to have a co-worker as a prime suspect for some good natured fun!
  • You have the option of booking a private show to enjoy this experience with just your co-workers

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