Make Mochi

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$60 per person

7 - 100 Group Size

2 hours avg. time spent.


Enjoy making several different mochi dishes from scratch, including mochi ice cream! The 4 flavors include: green tea mochi (sweet), ice cream mochi (sweet), Odango mochi (sweet) and Ozoni mochi soup (savory). If you can provide wine, the instructors will also be happy to teach you how to make wine flavored mochi! For the culinarily inclined, this is a fun, delicious way to get to know your co-workers better and a chance for some friendly competition to see which team can remember the most mochi terms.


  • Available both on-site (must have a microwave) and at their location in San Leandro
  • Find out which co-worker can make the best mochi and sweet talk them into bringing treats to work
  • Divide into teams and work together to create the best mochi with the best presentation
  • Enjoy tons of mochi to take back home to share with your friends and family

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