Bubble soccer

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$32 per person

5 - 20 Group Size

1-2 hours avg. time spent.


This event will be organised at the outdoor location. Bubble Soccer is a unique version of soccer with a twist: Each player crawls inside a giant inflatable zorb-like plastic bubble and attempt to compete in a game of soccer. Although keeping tally is usually eclipsed by the hilarity that follows, this makes soccer even more entertaining by bouncing, rolling, bumping, flipping over and crashing into each other. You might be running or walking a lot during this game. This results in a great work around. But it’s a workout you don’t even notice because you’re having so much fun! You can come to this event with office wears and enjoy the time. After an hour of playing with team, you will be hungry. The food will be organised after the event at the location.


  • You can pick up the place and we will bring the fun to you. We will deliver all equipments for free. We play indoors and outdoors, on soccer fields, parks, gyms, rec centers, schools, big backyards, etc.
  • A trained referee will be available to guarantee smooth play.
  • We will show up 30-60 minutes early to set up. All participants or guardians must sign a waiver. Everyone must be wearing athletic shoes.
  • Players who are injured, with medical condition, pregnant or suffering any other form of physically limiting illness are not recommended to play.
  • Each player is required to sign our waiver prior to game play.

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